Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chinese New Year (even though it was a week ago)

So this happened a week ago, and I'm sure the world has had their fair share of Chinese New Year blog posts, but, well, they OBVIOUSLY haven't had enough because I haven't posted yet! And it's not bad luck to say that, because it's not actually Chinese New Year.

My friend and took the N train to canal street, just kind of expecting to see a bunch dumplings and dragons when we stepped out of the subway. Unfortunately it took a little more walking to actually find anything. We followed the sound of drums past Mulberry street onto Mott street where I avoided having my head blown off by confetti canons and tried not to step in muddy, reddish, confetti laden snow. I make it sound bleak, when in actuality it was a really nice change of pace. Lately I've been feeling like I never leave the West Village anymore - all the subway stops are too far away - which sucks because nothing affordable is in walking distance, so it was nice to see a different part of town in such festivities.

Again our expectations were not met when there were no street vendors.  I was expecting something like San Gennaro - the Little Italy street fair that happens around late september - but it was nothing like that (which was fine, I like surprises) so we picked the first restaurant that Yelp recommended (NOT SOMETHING I ENCOURAGE) Big Wong King and joined the queue forming behind a bobbing dragon, through the front door.

We ordered two beers, lo mein with pickled cabbage and pork, and kung pao chicken - my friend likes to keeps his Chinese food standard and americanized - and as soon as they set down our lunch I started rage eating. This is a rarity. Maybe it was the cold outside driving me into this kind of vengeful anger towards the food I was shoving down my throat, or maybe it was the fact that we'd been walking around for a long ass time. Either way, the food was gone quickly and after we paid the bill we left in search of sweet treats.

 We stopped at the Fay Da bakery. I took our last five bucks up to the counter and bought four pastries and a coffee, and I still had a couple quarters to spare; kind of miraculous for New York. I made sure to order things that at least "sounded Asian". I didn't want to slide into lazy american habits and order tiramisu, so we ordered a taro roll, sweet bun, egg custard, and a lotus roll - which kind of tasted meaty and soy saucy (it was good for about a bite, and then I lost my interest).

Then I went home and died of fatigue. I'm still dead, if anyone's wondering, and I'm writing this from beyond the grave. The food here is so so - by here I mean hell. You can only eat so much chili before your intestines actually start screaming no.

I'll be returning to life shortly as I leave for Peru in less than a month! A doctors appointment sufficiently scared me. NEWSFLASH: Apparently dengue is an epidemic in Peru right now, and guess how you get it: BUG BITES. For some reason bugs seem to love me - it's because I'm sweet ;) - So basically I'll be bathing in bug repellent to avoid getting a "bone breaking fever". Nevertheless, I'm still really excited.

More later!

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