Sunday, October 23, 2011


Nauseous and a headache. Not that I can reasonably blame that on the restaurant I just got back from. No I'm afraid the credit goes to my neurosis, ever triumphant as always at causing me physical discomfort. I'm surprised that came out coherently.

So I came to a realization today - that halloween is coming and that its getting colder and I'm underprepared while my comforter is not and I find myself more and more likely to resort to the cozy crevices of my egg crate mattress cover. The only thing driving me out of my dorm is our lack of food and sometimes I can't even bring myself to leave for that. Last night for instance I ordered a helping of shredded beef with spicy chinese chili pepper from a restaurant called Suzies Finest Chinese Cuisine ( It isn't the best chinese food I've ever had but its perfectly wonderful in its own sense, mostly because they deliver and so many other places won't because its either "too far" or "too late". For about fifteen dollars, that includes the tip for the delivery guy, I got an entire container of beef and peppers and rice which I promptly doused in Trader Joe's red curry sauce - I ate all of it and tucked myself and my new food baby that was rising and swelling in my stomach under my covers and began to plan my Thanksgiving Canada trip, which is just so patriotic.

Tonight I ventured out of my dorm for food, with my original intention of going to Mario Batali's Eataly on 5th Ave shifting to somewhat of an intention of going to Little Italy and finally becoming what was my evening at a little, well priced, italian place called Bianca, I found myself enjoying succulent gnocchi as it melted in my mouth like little cubes of softened butter. Doused in a creamy gorgonzola cheese sauce, I couldn't help myself from dipping slice of bread after slice of bread into the stewing substance that sat before me, until my stomach again swelled to the size of a newly pregnant woman.

Now I'm feeling the aftermath and will soon be hitting my mattress, for the second, or third, or fourth time today. I'll console myself with the knowledge that you burn more calories sleeping than just sitting around.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


So pumped right now. I don't know why coffee does this to me but my mind is so filled with everything, its like someone has injected thoughts into my brain like a drug. So I said it I'm on drugs, if thoughts were drugs.

It's made me want chinese, the caffeine I mean. Some spicy shezwan beef, with the little carrot slices sauteed in some asian cocktail of perfection. oooh yes please. My other roommate was telling me about some chinese porridge that they apparently put a funky egg into. I'll find out more details about that and let you know soon. Back to the chinese; I'm in the library trying to convince my roommate to order takeout but she wont respond, why must she do this to me?

My desire for chinese has been growing since last night when I mistakenly detoured to Crapaway, excuse me Crepeaway, the mediocre crepe ( gourmet taco restaurant in disguise) restaurant located on Waverly Place. It stays open till three in the morning every night so that drunk college students can roll in and get their fill on thick undesireable tortillas filled with an extraneous amount of nutella. They offer you a number of options ranging from savory to sweet, but their savory crepes are usually loaded with harsh meats that drown out both the textures and tastes of anything else they choose to "decorate" it with - cheese's, vegetables, etc - and their sweet crepes are deliriously decadent and a prank waiting to happen. I ordered the simba - a sack of diarrhea mixed with melted chocolate chips and peanut butter sauce or something. The chocolate chips melted instantly and turn into a more watery less appealing version of nutella and I found myself in a puddle which was disgusting, needless to say.

On a more positive note, their Rusty's arent bad persay - a crepe with butter and brown sugar - but I wouldn't say they're worth six bucks, not that anything really is, in New York.
Going to Eataly tomorrow. More later.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sundaes and Cones

I dont understand life. I don't, I just don't get it. I just want to eat, that will make me feel better. Unfortunately all we have in our dorm is mayonnaise, mustard, and milk - not that I'm knocking any of those things but I'm kind of in the mood for something a little more substantial: peanut butter. I get my fill on that usually. Sometimes I'll dip fruit in my peanut butter or mix it with nutella like a homemade reese's, but better. Yum.
The sad part is I'm not hungry really, I mean I am but I can get on just fine without eating. It's not like I'm going to die, and if I were I would just eat mayonnaise - its good. 
My roommate, went to L'adurĂ©e today. I'm going to link you the website because its the cutest thing I've ever seen ever. click the present, for me, just do it. She bought a box of macaroons for fifteen bucks, because she can do that, because she's rich now. She just got a job tutoring for some loaded kids who live in their own apartment building. their own apartment building. Their dad owns the business underneath which explains why they own the whole building. but still.
I worked all day for the most part, not making nearly as much as my roommate - not that I'm bitter. I bought B grade pizza for lunch. It wreaked of disease, but it was either that or "grade pending" sushi. The choice is obvious. 
I should start getting ready soon but my mind is still on my ice cream, probably because I snagged a few Sundaes and Cones ( business cards, which are now staring up at me from my desk,  just for the sake of decor on my way out with my cone. Thats a lie, I actually didn't leave the shop - it would have been a crime to do so. Even in the worst most cynically depressed manic suicidal mind states, I can't help but feel that Sundaes and Cones would save my life, like the seal that helped the guy who survived jumping off the golden gate bridge. Sundaes and Cones is my seal. I got pralines and cream today, it was good but I should have gotten cantaloupe. They have that and its an ice cream, not a sorbet. They also have wasabi and corn, and the wasabi is white, which I don't understand. It's kind of an optical illusion actually, because they put the wasabi flavor next to pistachio so you think you're looking at wasabi when really its the white gunk next to it. I'm not fond of their bertie botts flavors but otherwise its the closest thing to perfection I've found in frozen desserts since I've been here, and I'm a block from a gelatto place that turns your ice cream into flowers. They're good too, but it isn't the same. 
I could go for some pasta.