Wednesday, October 31, 2012

While I Still Have Power...

Posting from Long Island, the last few days have been weird. Not hard, just weird. I've slept far too much, and eaten mainly fried chicken and cheese fries. I guess maybe I should point out that a few days ago we were in the midst of a hurricane, but it didn't really feel like a hurricane - it was just really windy - until all the lights went out and I started to cry like the spoiled 21st century child I am as my last bits of phone battery dribbled away.

Just for the record, I didn't actually cry, but I did when I realized I'd forgotten to bring a book and the only book my aunt and uncle had was some Chelsea Handler crap, and it was not good (hence the crap).

I'm dying to get back in the city, mainly because I miss fried rice. Times like these really make you appreciate the tuesday evening you spent at the KuKu Canteen, eating kimchi fried rice, and then they make your mouth water, especially when the book you're reading mentions chocolate far too often. School is cancelled till the end of the week - like some weird fantasy the weather has granted me a week long vacation - but how can I enjoy this time off if I can't stream ROMANTIC COMEDIES.

Also it's Halloween, not that anyone here really cares.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Didn't sleep last night
Have a glass of so-so wine
momofuku soon

P.S ^ that's why I'm not a poet.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

No Reservations, No more

I saw this on Bon Appetit's website and hesitated before posting it. It looks like I'm mourning Anthony Bourdain, but he's not dead and he's not dying. It's just that his show has finally (after a long ass time - like 10 years!) come to end. I know, shows end everyday - well maybe not everyday - and it really isn't that big of a deal especially since I haven't even seen all of the episodes, it just feels like there is this big gaping hole in television without Anthony Bourdain. Hope someone fills it soon. Anyways I recommend reading this, I really enjoyed it. And you get to see an old picture of him! Anthony Bourdain on Bon Appetit

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

People Actually Read Me (I think/hope)

I said I write a food blog and my new roommate knew of it, even though we've never met before, and even though we aren't Facebook friends.

Thanks for the pressure world! Now that I know people are actually out there, actually enjoying (does this assume to much?) what I have to say about food, I feel this weird obligation to keep writing posts and when I ignore it, it actually kind of stresses me out.

I have a new - old - kitchen now. No more touch screen microwaves or dishwashers, but as long as we keep the counters clean the cleaning service (yes I have a cleaning service) will take care of the mess.

I get a paycheck on Friday and my aunt is coming into town this weekend. Trying to think of somewhere yummy to take her that isn't 7eleven and isn't two bros. Maybe Max Brenners? We'll see! More to come.

p.s. sorry for lack of photos

p.s.s my blogs anniversary is in a few days!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So, I'm the Worst

I broke my new (Jewish) years resolution already, but the last couple weeks have been extremely tight. Im having flashbacks to my hungry days in Brooklyn constantly but haven't yet resorted to eating slurpees.

It's too cold for slurpees now anyways. Summer stopped by to say goodbye a couple weeks ago and like a second cousin or that aunt you aren't actually related to, I imagine we won't be hearing from him for many months to a year.

I also haven't been cooking as much which is just breaking my heart. I learned that I can't expect eating in to be cheap if I feed fifteen people nightly. So when I do start making money again, I'll be sure to cook delicious food for myself and myself only. The rest of the world can just be jealous.

On another note (a mostly unrelated to food note), I saw Lena Dunham this past Sunday. She was participating in an panel hosted by the New Yorker festival. It was all amazing but my favorite part had to be the free apple cider donut holes. Even better when I walked up to the snack table I asked the server how many I could have and he said, "As many as you want." THAT'S CLASSY

I promise promise promise to post more about food soon!