Wednesday, October 31, 2012

While I Still Have Power...

Posting from Long Island, the last few days have been weird. Not hard, just weird. I've slept far too much, and eaten mainly fried chicken and cheese fries. I guess maybe I should point out that a few days ago we were in the midst of a hurricane, but it didn't really feel like a hurricane - it was just really windy - until all the lights went out and I started to cry like the spoiled 21st century child I am as my last bits of phone battery dribbled away.

Just for the record, I didn't actually cry, but I did when I realized I'd forgotten to bring a book and the only book my aunt and uncle had was some Chelsea Handler crap, and it was not good (hence the crap).

I'm dying to get back in the city, mainly because I miss fried rice. Times like these really make you appreciate the tuesday evening you spent at the KuKu Canteen, eating kimchi fried rice, and then they make your mouth water, especially when the book you're reading mentions chocolate far too often. School is cancelled till the end of the week - like some weird fantasy the weather has granted me a week long vacation - but how can I enjoy this time off if I can't stream ROMANTIC COMEDIES.

Also it's Halloween, not that anyone here really cares.

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  1. I care. Boo!! Did I scare you. Kim Chi Fried Rice sounds yummy. Too bad you don't have a picture.